Calirana Accommodations

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calirana calirana
calirana calirana

Calirana Creekside Cottages:
The Calirana creekside cottages are adjacent to each other. Each Calirana cottage has its own toilet and bathroom with shower heater. With own kitchen and dining area.
Creekside Cottage 1- Good for 8 persons
Creekside Cottage 2- Good for 6 persons
Creekside Cottage 3- Good for 7 persons

Calirana Lakeside Cottages:
The Calirana Lakeside cottages are adjacent to each other. These have common but separate lavatory toilet and bathroom. However, with own kitchen and dining area.
Lakeside Cottage 1- Good for 2 persons
Lakeside Cottage 2- Good for 6 persons

Calirana Hillside House:
Hillside House – Ground floor good for 4 persons. With own lavatory, toilet and bathroom.
Second floor good for 4 persons. With sala, kitchen and dining area. With own lavatory and separate toilet and bathroom.

Calirana Pavilion:
1 Main Pavilion Room – Good for 4 persons. With common but separate lavatory, toilet and bathroom.
4 Main Pavilion Tower Rooms – Each room can accommodate 2 persons. With common but separate lavatory, toilet and bathroom.
Topmost floor overlooks a portion of the lake and the entire resort area. Cool mountain breeze envelops the rooms all day until night.
The living room is open to all guests regardless of their cottage/room assignment.
Guests billeted in the Main Pavilion guest’s rooms may use the main kitchen and dining area.

calirana calirana
calirana calirana

The Calirana provides the following:

Calirana round trip transfer from ferry station to Calirana site then back to ferry station.
Calirana Lake Cruiser I can load 35 persons.
Calirana Lake Cruiser II has 25-passenger load capacity.

Use of Calirana swimming pools:
Main Pool* (5 ½ ft. deep throughout)
Kiddie Pool* (3ft-4ft. deep)
Shower and dressing rooms available
Water in both pools is chemically-treated.

Use of other Calirana Resort facilities:
The lakeside
Hilltop pavilions
Sunken Park
Bonfire area
Court plaza for group activities
The ball game courts (basketball, badminton, volleybal)

Use of kayaks
Game (billiard) room
Mahjong set and table

Use of Pedal boats
Jet skis
Speed boat.

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