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Food is not available in the Calirana. Guests must bring their own food stored in own travel coolers complete with ample ice. Guests are also advised to bring their own plates, cups, spoons, forks and the like provisions. Use of Calirana kitchen facilities (gas stove/barbeque pit, pots and pans) is free for overnight staying guests. There is no corkage fee of any kind. Day tourists must provide their own cooking utensils and implements.

Electricity is provided in Calirana for overnight staying guests from 6:00 P.M to 6:00 A.M. for ventilating fans, lights, portable radio/cassette players and cellphone battery chargers. Electricity may also be provided at certain hours of the day. Calirana Management may deem necessary or upon prior request for use, say, in the training hall to operate laptop or other electronic equipment. Running potable water is available in the entire Calirana but guests are advised to bring bottled water for drinking.

At present, Calirana facilities can comfortably accommodate 50 overnight-staying guests. Pillows and linens are provided but guests are advised to bring their own bath towels, shampoo and bath soaps, lotion, etc. Limited cushioned beds are available for guests who opt to be with friends beyond what a room can comfortably accommodate. Ventilating fans are installed in all rooms. Weather in Calirana is about 3 to 4 degrees lower than Metro Manila.

Calirana can accommodate as many as 120 day tour guests. A day tour group of not less than 80 persons may have the resort for its exclusive use; otherwise, Calirana Management may accept other day tour groups.

Calirana souvenir t-shirts and mineral water in 5-gallon jugs may be procured at the Calirana’s souvenir shop at nominal cost until supply lasts.

All bookings with Calirana must be made at least two weeks in advance and subject to 50% down payment upon confirmation of reservations. Confirmed reservations must be fully paid for at least one week prior to the outing.

calirana calirana
calirana calirana



Starting Ortigas Center corner EDSA take C5 Road then South Luzon Expressway. Then exit at Calamba. At Calamba town crossing, turn right going to Los Baños town. Take diversion roads bordering the small towns of Bay town, next Victoria town, next Pila town then all the way to Sta. Cruz town, capital town of Laguna. NOTE: DO NOT ENTER the poblacion or the town proper. Drives directly going to Pagsanjan town, in Front of Pagsanjan Municipal Hall, turn left to Lumban town. A kilometer from Lumban Bridge, swerve right to the uphill road going to Caliraya Lake. NOTE: Pay attention to the sign board presence of Calirana indicating distance to ferry station after leaving Pagsanjan.
Upon reaching Caliraya Lake, find the Calirana ferry station sign at both sides of road. Calirana representative wears uniform with Calirana print.


Starting Antipolo, drive to Teresa town then Morong town. Then turn left to Manila East Road passing through outskirts of Baras town, next Tanay town and then Pililia town, all in the province of Rizal.
Drive toward the Rizal and Laguna mountain road then downhill passing through Mabitac town, next Famy town , then Siniloan town, next Pangil town, then Pakil town, next is the Paete town and Kalayaan town, all in the province of Laguna.
One kilometer after Kalayaan and Lumban boundary, make a U-TURN to uphill road leading to Lake Caliraya. Then finally find Calirana ferry station sign on the road by the lakeside.

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