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Calirana is a spacious private resort garnering 1.5 hectares on the eastern border of man-made Lake Caliraya in Bgy. East Talaungan, Cavinti, Laguna, facing east of Cavinti.

Calirana is forty minutes motorboat ride from the ferry station worth a closer look of Lake Caliraya. Rides to Calirana shows panoramic view of coconut tree-bordered frontage meandering through numerous partially submerged hills. This short ride presents a perfect glimpse of both the lake edge and lake islands as gentle cold winds splash on the lake’s tranquil waters.

calirana calirana
calirana calirana

Calirana’s location presents a picturesque of an ideal leisure escape. The Calirana amenities consists of cottages, activity pavilions, two swimming pools, kids playground, videoke kiosks, outdoor game court, billiards, jet skis, aqua leisure boats and fishing lagoons.

In Calirana, you will find a wide loop of araucaria tree-lined lakeside path for viewing of sweeping mountain range and the serene lake water. A Calirana area has a network of flat bed grass pathways through downhill or uphill for the intent of jogging and strolling.

Calirana offers private, quiet and peace place with savoring the breeze and best day for catching dragon flies if you have nothing to do during the day. But this is the kids in Calirana been doing, or for moon-and-star gazing all through the night.

After all, Calirana is like a bit home just for you, your family and friends. The Calirana nature does all these minus the hassling stares and inquisitive looks of people not known to you.
Calirana has a perfect place to unwind and have your family communion which the picnic grove surrounds with greenery shrubs and signing birds. Calinara has nice and clean reasonable size swimming pools for adults and kids alike. Stay and relax in feel like home Calirana Cottages. Guys, this is your place to let go your craving for fishing for there are plenty of catch in Calirana’s fishing lagoons. Rest assured you and your kids will enjoy the Calirana kids’ playground and outdoor game courts. Calirana has videoke kiosks for those who enjoy singing and activity pavilions for any event. Calirana provides view decks to adore the beautiful sights of serene lake water and people doing water sports.

The Calirana day tour varies or depending on the weather and/or water elevation.
Check-in time not earlier than 8:30 a.m.
Check-out time on the same day not later than 4:30 p.m.

Day tourists of Calirana may use the following guest’s rooms at discounted rates:
For a twin-sharing cottage
For a quadruple-sharing cottage Rates
For other Calirana multiple-sharing cottages are available upon request.
Basic room amenities are provided in Calirana.

Early check-in and late check-out in Calirana may be allowed depending on room reservations.
Check-in time not earlier than 2:30 p.m.
Check-out time not later than 1:30 p.m. the next day

Guests staying overnight in Calirana have a choice of cottages or rooms. But guest must ensure that their choices are in line to their companions.

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